The Princesses Disney are just Bad Bitches !

The princesses Dinsey are just some bad bitches !!! 

Yeah (Champagne showers!!!)

After 50 shades of disney, we have a new pleasure four our eyes. In fact, Apeshit JDM did a montage with the Disney princesses  : he took their head and put them on some dirty bitches's body... and this is really good. 

It is quite beautiful and we can't hide this from you, we like it and we lick the screen (oohh calm down...sorry) !!

Here are some pictures :

Our favorite, Jasmine... we like it 

Shout out To Sir Mix-a-Lott : "I Like big butts"

Some other pictures (with many pleasures) :

We are close to 50 shades of Disney, really sclose, we hope.

We Love and Fist (again & again).

Ears and Eyes.

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